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State Street became a secondary — yet still viable — destination.

Zara s retail mix

Northshore Mall; Peabody, Massachusetts April 22, Massachusetts Posted by Caldor Strangely, the malls that we have some degree of personal attachment to seem like the hardest ones to post.

Zara s retail mix

For about four years from toI worked in a Newbury Comics record store just a quarter of a mile down the street from this mall, so I was here all the time, whether it was to scarf down some Umi from the food court to lunch, or just to pick up some new shirts after work.

I was way into malls well before my Zara s retail mix working in the shadows of one, but I was never as immersed in mall culture as much as I was during that era. As a result, I still have some pretty warm, fuzzy feelings about the people in that area.

In addition to all of this, the Northshore Mall is one of the oldest malls in New England.

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At a time, when the mall still had its gargantuan old Jordan Marsh store, it was even larger. For a brief time, it was the largest overall mall in New England, even, which is strange since aside from anchor stores the mall exists primarily on a single level and only has around stores.

But like many old behemoth malls built in the northeast, Northshore had so many hulking anchor stores that the total square footage was very significant. And it just recently changed significantly all over again.

Zara s retail mix

Peabody, Massachusetts is a large suburb about a half an hour north of Boston, centrally located amongst a cluster of densely populated cities and suburbs that date to colonial times. Salem, made famous for its witch trials, is located only a few miles from the mall, and other storied New England seaside cities such as Gloucester, Rockport, Beverly, and Newburyport are all in this economically diverse, somewhat-suburban, somewhat self-contained region north of Boston.

In the post-war era, the area began to change, with increased suburbanization in all directions, due in large part to the recently-constructed route beltway and Interstate The Northshore Mall was originally developed on route in Peabody, Massachusettsby Allied Stores then parent of Jordan Marsh as a completely outdoor shopping center inreplacing an old estate with gardens, fountains, and a farm.

The center had actually been planned as early as the late s for a different site in nearby Beverly and some books on retail history, including at least one Victor Gruen book, have renderings of this original proposalbut this site was later chosen for unknown reasons.

The center was truly multi-purpose, also featuring a small amusement park, a cinema, and a bowling alley. The mall was also developed with a then-unique underground delivery tunnel running the length of the mall. At the time, snow removal for the main concourse of the outdoor mall was performed by dropping snow onto trucks in the tunnel and trucking it out of the center.

Inthe St. Therese Society of Mt.

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Sometime during the s, a Sears anchor was added to the front of the center. InNew England Development constructed the Liberty Tree Mall, a fully-enclosed 1 million square foot center, only a half a mile away from Northshore Mall.

In response, the Northshore Mall slowly began to enclose, beginning with a small section near Sears and ultimately enclosing the entire center.

As New England Development now owned both of the large, competing malls, they began a major expansion and renovation of the Northshore Mall that increased the size of the mall considerably.

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Inafter the Federated-May merger, things began to get very interesting again. Post-merger, May had three stores at the Northshore Mall, occupying nearly half of the square footage of the entire mall.I live in Portland, and do a lot of commenting on the growth of the Maine Mall.

People in Portland have been saying they fear the mall isn’t doing well because there’s not as much foot traffic. Get an unrestricted access to all the blog and those extraodinary functions that can help your business grow in a continuously changing industry.

This and the Liberty Tree Mall was were I spent a lot of time growing up. I saw many movies in the non-connected to the Mall Loews (I think it was Lowes) theatre that is .

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