Unemployment rate in australia

List of countries by unemployment rate From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search Unemployment rate per country in This is a list of countries by unemployment rate. Methods of calculation and presentation of unemployment rate vary from country to country. Some countries count insured unemployed only, some count those in receipt of welfare benefit only, some count the disabled and other permanently unemployable people, some countries count those who choose and are financially able not to work, supported by their spouses and caring for a family, some count students at college and so on.

Unemployment rate in australia

But the true story is a lot worse. Jason Murphy jasemurphy news. But the true story can be a lot worse. An analysis of new ABS data on the problem of finding work shows the truth depends a lot on who you are.

Australia has a lot of unemployed people. It also has lots of people starting new jobs. Take the Northern Territory for example. The NT counts people as unemployed, but has 31, employed people who started their job in the past 12 months.

Those are pretty good odds.

Unemployment Rate - economic indicator from Australia

Not so good in Tassie. Supplied At the other end of the scale is Tasmania. It had nearly four times as many unemployed people as NT — 18, — but only slightly more people who started new jobs at 35, No wonder many unemployed Tasmanians are fed up and feeling hopeless.

You can do the same analysis by age group. The hopelessness index by age group. Supplied The image of unemployed 62 year olds desperately combing online job listings is heartbreaking. But the awful truth in Australia is retiring is now something of a luxury.

There arepeople out there right now who were involuntarily retrenched and are no longer in work or looking for work. The numbers for single parents are terrible and the impact on them and their children of low earnings and stress must be utterly awful.

Supplied Being married is a big predictor of labour market success. If you are a married man agedyour chances of being in the labour force are about 95 per cent and your unemployment rate is below 2. Unmarried men in the same age bracket have 80 per cent participation and 6. But does marriage lead to work or the other way round?

But this next graph hints the government is not good at helping. It shows the hopelessness index for different ways of looking for jobs. Finding work is even harder for people getting government assistance. Likewise, having an interview is not a strategy so much as a sign things are going well.

The fact Centrelink and Job Services agencies are at the bad end is not necessarily because they are bad strategies — it may be they just look after the hardest cases. But the reality of the numbers is still bleak.

We knowpeople registered with Centrelink as a job seeker in the year before the survey but onlypeople who had registered started jobs. What happens to the rest?Australia Unemployment Rate Australia’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate fell to percent in January of from percent in December while markets expected percent.

The labor force participation rate dropped slightly while the number of unemployed decreased by 19, AUSTRALIA’S unemployment rate is at per cent, which sounds pretty low.

Unemployment rate in australia

But the true story can be a lot worse. An analysis of new ABS data on the problem of finding work shows the truth. Australia Unemployment Rate is a percentage of unemployed workers in relation to the total civilian labor force.

In the indicator calculation, the person who has been actively seeking job during the past four weeks and cannot start working right now is defined as unemployed. Higher unemployment among young Queenslanders than their peers in southern states, as well as a higher proportion of year olds in the labour force, account for a large part of the difference between Queensland’s unemployment rate, stuck at just over 6%, and the rate in the rest of Australia, which is approaching 5%.

Unemployment rate in australia

Your Newstart Allowance may not start until you go to your first appointment with an Employment Services Provider. Your payment will stop if you don’t keep your agreement to look for work and can’t give us a good reason.

Nov 14,  · Unemployment Rate There are a number of data series relating to employment that are released at the same time. The one to get the most attention is the unemployment rate because this has the most bearing on the currency.

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