Thesis academic performance students

Correspondence should be addressed to Charles Gbollie ; moc. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Abstract The nature of motivation and learning strategy use is vital to improving student learning outcomes.

Thesis academic performance students

Introduction Students are the key assets of universities. Academic achievement is one of the major factors considered by employers in hiring workers especially for the fresh graduates.

Considine and Zappala also having the same views as Graetz Among the school- related factors found are unqualified and poorly trained teachers, inadequate facilities, and dilapidated instructional materials.

Non-school factors include poverty, low educational attainment and illiteracy of parents and poor health and nutrition Gato et.

Thesis academic performance students

Marquez also pointed out that a student who is successful in his desired career has good study habits. In line with this, she stated that students should apply these habits to all of their classes.

She also suggested that the students should not try to study all the subjects in a single period. Goodall et al Several studies found that increased frequency of activities were associated with higher levels of child misbehavior in the classroom Schlee, Mullis and Schriner,Carter and Winsler, ; Mehrafza Mays greatly emphasized the importance of having qualified teachers in the field of teaching, and said that success of any program is conditioned by the ability of the teacher to teach.

If there is failure at this point, the whole structure fails. Hence, the implementation, selection, preparation, and supervision of education will be affected. Moreover, Dayad mentioned that good teachers are constantly on the alert for methods and instructional materials that will make learning meaningful.

With the wise selection and use of a variety of instructional materials or audio-visual materials, experiences may be provided to develop understanding. If teachers do not know how to catch the attention of a student, the more the student cannot make himself attentive to that subject.

This research was conducted among nursing students of Benguet State University, La Trinidad Benguet to determine the factors that affect the academic performance of the nursing students which may consequently help in the improvement of the students and teachers alike.

Thesis academic performance students

The study aimed to determine: What is the level of impact of the different factors on the academic performance of student nurses? The result of this study may benefit the students by allowing them to understand better the factors that can affect their academic performance.

They may be able to improve their academic performance with the findings that are established by this study. For the teachers, this study may help them to recognize problems encountered by the students that may pose an effect in their performance.

They may find alternative actions on how to handle their students. Teaching is the most dynamic process in the life of a teacher, and learning is likewise the most dynamic process in the life of the students.

How these two processes are implemented to produce a balanced and good result for both the teacher and the learner have been the framework for this study. In the paradigm of the study, the independent variables are the senior student nurses themselves.

The dependent variables include factors affecting the academic performance.

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Research Design Quantitative type of research was used in this study. The researcher used the descriptive-survey method of the research in the conduct of the study. Respondents of the Study Respondents are the 74 fourth year nursing students consisting 8 males and 66 females.

Instrumentation Total enumeration sampling was used. Self-reporting questionnaire was used to gather data on the factors affecting nursing students along personal conditions, study habits, home-related aspects, school-related aspects, and teacher-related aspects of fourth year student nurses.

Data Gathering Procedure The questionnaires were distributed to the respondents after thoroughly explaining the Tabulations were done from the answers to determine: Furthermore, request for cooperation and assurance that all information gathered will be treated strictly with confidentiality.

Results and Discussion 3. The indicators for each category were arranged from highest to lowest mean. Fredriksen, Rhodes, Reddy, and Way conducted a longitudinal study on the effects of adolescent sleep loss during middle school. Wolfson and Carskadonp.3. The following reflects the minimum credits per work period that may be allowed.

Students should contact their major department to . Thesis Of Effects Of Academic Performance Of Students. in the future. The issue of academic performance is of great interest to administrators, educators, researchers, students, parents and other stakeholders of education (Farooq, Chaudhry, Shafiq & Berhanu ().The variables that determine students’ academic performance can be from the student, home and school.

Caribbean and Latin American Studies Certificate The certificate in Caribbean and Latin American Studies is awarded to undergraduate students completing multidisciplinary studies of Latin America and the Caribbean in conjunction with an academic major, usually in one of the departments represented in the curriculum.

Summary This study was conducted to determine the relationship between academic behavior and academic performance of 3rd year students from General . Prospective graduate students should first contact the graduate program to which they wish to apply. They will be admitted to study only in programs that are authorized by Senate to offer master's and/or doctoral degrees. Advance your career. Conduct life-changing research. Propel your learning potential. You can do all this and more with a graduate degree from Oakland University.

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Prospective graduate students should first contact the graduate program to which they wish to apply. They will be admitted to study only in programs that are authorized by Senate to offer master's and/or doctoral degrees.

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