The life and times of aaron douglas

Aaron Douglas was his name, by the way. The Spencer Museum of Art celebrates the groundbreaking work of the Topeka-born artist this fall with the first nationally touring retrospective of his work. The scale of the exhibition — not to mention the care taken in eight years of planning the show and related programming — seems to reinforce that argument. In the s, when she was still a child, Douglas was simply the mild-mannered, soft-spoken relative who visited from time to time.

The life and times of aaron douglas

Press, Elizabeth, NJ Original art for Spark journal,which did not get beyond the planning stage. Aaron Douglas The Crisis, May His style blended the geometric and angular shapes of Art Deco with the linear rhythm of Art Nouveau; it bore references to African masks and sculptural figures, as well as allusions to African dance.

Inhe moved to New York, where he served for two years as an apprentice to the German artist Winold Reiss, whom he met through Charles S. Johnson, then editor of Opportunity.

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Through his covers for Opportunity and The Crisis Douglas set forth a new vision for the black artist. Douglas became the most sought-after book illustrator and cover designer among the black writers of the time. Rendered in a painterly style, the plates formed an allegorical study of Negro experience based on the spiritual songs of oppression and daily life.

Douglas frequented nightspots in Harlem to soak up the black urban scene and incorporate these expressions into his works. He is known for superb murals that grace the walls of nightclubs and cultural institutions. InDouglas moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to chair the art department of Fisk University, a position he held until his retirement in He passed away in Nashville in Reiss encouraged Aaron Douglas to bring cultural identity to the forefront of his art.

In a series of seven paintings based on a book of poems by James Weldon Johnson, God’s Trombones: Seven Negro Sermons in Verse, Douglas successfully breathed cultural life into work inspired by . Aug 07,  · Painter and illustrator Aaron Douglas () was an early modernist artist who is most often associated with the “Harlem Renaissance.” Douglas was from Kansas where he taught art and organized an art club at Lincoln High School in Topeka.

I did “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency” over the summer. I just wrapped on Monday my part for an upcoming show for Bravo called “My So Called Wife.” I believe that starts sometime in the new year. Aaron Douglas () was the Harlem Renaissance artist whose work best exemplified the 'New Negro' philosophy.

He painted murals for public buildings and produced illustrations and cover designs for many black publications including The Crisis and Opportunity. He was the son of Aaron Wade Douglas and Nancy Singleton Douglas.

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He graduated from Pungo Christian Academy in Brian was an owner of Quality Tires & Service, where he was blessed to work every day with his father and brother-in-law. In his "Portrait of Aaron Douglas," Harleston painted one of the most important artists of the Harlem Renaissance.

The life and times of aaron douglas

Douglas is famous for his murals and illustrations that celebrate black culture and history.

African American Biographies: Aaron Douglas, African American Artist