Story writing activities for grade 1

Ask and answer questions about key details in a text. Teacher Background Knowledge and Preparation I am always trying to have my students write in response to reading. What I love about the Common Core Standards is that we can dig really deep into content. This activity will take quite a bit longer than traditional worksheets or questions and answer sheets, but by the end of this lesson my students will really understand sequencing well.

Story writing activities for grade 1

Cause and Effect 25 Feb, Kristen Smith Cause and effect is not always the easiest concept for students to grasp. However, I was determined this year to make it tangible and meaningful for my students.

story writing activities for grade 1

To introduce cause and effect, I decided to use a few science experiments. As I was thinking through what we are actually trying to get our students to find in their texts when teaching cause and effect, I realized how closely it integrated with science skills we have been working on all year.

I brought in a dozen eggs and presented them to my class. He was more than happy to oblige. I reassured him that yes he could let it go and with a huge grin, he let go of it.

Of course, this is what happened. My students and I then discussed WHY that happened. It was a hit! Mind you it is FREEZING right now They predicted that the bubbles might not work, that they might freeze, that they might pop and we headed outside to check their predictions. I grouped my students in groups of two and had them take turns blowing bubbles and catching bubbles on their wands.

They patiently waited once they caught their bubbles and watched the ice crystals begin to form. After everyone had 3 turns, we headed inside to thaw out and discussed our findings!

My students joyfully explained the causes and effects of our science experiment. Then I told my students that we can find causes and effects in books that we read and listen to. I brought out one of our favorite books Pete the Cat!

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We reviewed our cause and effect terms using a poster that I made and enjoyed the book. After singing along to the story, I had my students talk about the causes and effects.

I asked them questions like: He stepped in a pile of strawberries!! What was the effect when Pete stepped in a pile of blueberries?

His shoes turned blue!! My students eagerly answered the questions. We read a few other stories this week and orally reviewed the causes and effects in the stories we listened to. We also used poster prompts to create discussions involving causes and effects. This one was a favorite amongst my students!

In this picture, a little boy is pointing the hose at the camera. What was the effect? We also practiced this skill during our guided reading groups.


I wrote a few stories for my students and they carefully read them and worked on finding the cause and the effect in each story. They even responded to their texts with a comprehension check that I made to go with each differentiated story.

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