Rogers small business plan

His ancestors moved from Sunderland to Venice in aboutlater settling in TriesteMilan and Florence. In William Nino Rogers decided to come back to England.

Rogers small business plan

For more details on this topic, see Fort Detroit or Fort Pitt. Robert Monckton was Rogers' superior officer during the western campaign.

Quebec fell infollowed by Montreal in Indian activity ceased against colonials in the east, and Rogers' service there was over. Following Amherst's advice, Monckton sent the rangers to capture Detroitfar to the north, which they did.

It was the final act of his command. Shortly thereafter, his rangers were disbanded. Monckton offered Rogers command of a company of regulars in South Carolina but, after visiting the place, Rogers chose instead to command another company in New York. That unit was soon disbanded, however, and Rogers was forced into retirement at half-pay.

No longer preoccupied with military affairs, Rogers returned to New England to marry Elizabeth Browne in June,and set up housekeeping with her in Concord, New Hampshire.

Like many New Englanders, they had indentured servants and slaves, including an Indian lad captured at Saint-Francis. Rogers received large grants of land in southern New Hampshire in compensation for his services.

He sold much of it at a profit and was able to purchase and maintain slaves. He deeded much of his land to his wife's family, which served to support her later.

In peacetime, Rogers was a restless spirit. The colonists were in the process of quelling Indian operations piecemeal. Late inhe accepted command of a company of mercenaries for the purpose of "pacifying" the Cherokees in North Carolina, after which he returned home.

Rogers found himself once more a soldier of fortune, still on half-pay. Later, General Thomas Gage remarked that, if the army had put him on whole pay, they could have prevented his later unfit employment Gage's terms.

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The main theater of operations during Pontiac's Rebellion. On 7 MayPontiac's Rebellion erupted in Michigan.


Odawa war-leader Pontiac attempted to capture Fort Detroit by surprise with a force of warriors. However, the British commander was aware of Pontiac's plan, and his garrison was armed and ready. Undaunted, Pontiac withdrew and laid siege to the fort. Eventually, more than Indian warriors from a half-dozen tribes joined the siege of Fort Detroit.

Upon hearing this news, Rogers offered his services to General Jeffrey Amherst. Their ill-fated mission was terminated at the Battle of Bloody Run on 31 July In an attempt to break Pontiac's siegeabout British troops led by Dalyell and Rogers attempted a surprise attack on his encampment.

However, Pontiac was ready, supposedly alerted by French settlers, and he defeated the British at Parent's Creek two miles north of the fort.

The creek or run was said to have run red with the blood of the 20 dead and 34 wounded British soldiers and was henceforth known as Bloody Run. Captain James Dalyell was one of those killed.2 days ago · Fung releases small business plan Truck driver charged in crash that killed 2 Former Rep Palangio, ex-Mayor of East Providence Rogers, one other charged in illegal auto fees scheme.

rogers small business plan

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Keep your business connected wherever it needs to be with tablets for business and other mobile internet solutions. Robert Rogers (7 November – 18 May ) was an Irish-American colonial served in the British army during both the French and Indian War and the American the French and Indian War, Rogers raised and commanded the famous Rogers' Rangers, trained for raiding and close combat behind enemy lines.

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