Political socialization term paper

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Political socialization term paper

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Political Socialization Essay Sample Political socialization refers to the process by which people develop political beliefs and values that lead to longtime political affiliation Rimmerman,p.

This development of this process could be in the short or long term. This short period development comes mostly from a single action that leads individuals to prefer ideologies of one party. Hispanic and African American populations in the United States have used different routes to reach their current political affiliation.

Indeed, both groups have had different experiences in the country throughout generations. It is due to these reasons that both groups seems seem to be affiliated with certain political parties, or even supporting different parties in separate occasions, depending on the political issues of the day.

Subsequent sections of this paper shall investigate various aspects of processes followed by each group, compare them, and arrive at conclusions will also be explained herein.

A concluding section shall elaborate on some important points made in the paper. Political Socialization among African Americans As mentioned in the introduction section, the African American population became attached top the Grand Old Party after decision by President Lincoln to abolish slavery in the United States source.

Their ancestors had been misused, abused, and their dignity degraded for couple centuries.

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This laid the foundation for half a century affiliation between the black population and the Grand Old Party. There still exists a section of African American population that supports the party because of what happened in On its party, the Lincoln party still boasts of being the one that ended slavery in the United States and with it delivered African Americans from age-old pains.

This could be termed as short term influence that ended up becoming a long-term influence and is still strong today. Unlike the Republican affiliation that was cultivated though a single action of ending slavery, the Democratic Party cultivated a long term influence over this population through social programs aimed at helping Americans out of poverty.

Though the social welfare programs were targeted at helping all Americans suffering from ill effects of the economic depression, African Americans were among the leading beneficiaries—a position born of their position as among the poorest groups in the country.

Political socialization term paper

Democrats grip on political power after the depression—through FDR, Truman, Kennedy, and Johnson—resulted to many social programs directed at solving poverty issues in the country.

But unlike the republicans that ended slavery and failed to continue employing measures that would glue African Americans to the party, the Democrats continued with social programs that boosted their popularity among black electorates. Democrats did not waste time labeling GoP as a party that was pro business and against the poor, a mentality that is still rife today and has resulted to stagnation of African-American support to the republican Party.

The President and his party were determined to make American poverty a thing of the past. African Americans were to be among the biggest beneficiaries of these programs, because the y constituted the largest group of the poor in the United States.

Despite failures in their attempt to end poverty through entitlement programs, the Democratic Party has never backed from their demands of increasing social spending. Republicans have on their party continued preaching on personal responsibility as way out of poverty, as well as saying that providing the private sector with ample environment would help end poverty.

The difference party ideologies have resulted to a position where the poor in America have regarded Democrats as their friends and Republicans as foes. The entry of Barrack Obama, arguably the most successful black presidential aspirant, could lead to even more African Americans supporting the Democratic Party.

Since Obama has the greatest chance of getting to White House compared to other black candidates before him Jackson and ShaptonAfrican American voter could feel obliged to vote for the party in large numbers.

Political party that proposes relaxed immigration policies has the largest possibility of winning over Hispanic votes. Since political parties are more likely to change their immigration policies with time, Hispanics are more likely to change their affiliations more often. Political parties must therefore consider Hispanics in their long term goals, failure of which will see parties loose a large voting block to rival s.

Owing to tight connection that Hispanics have with their countries on birth in Latin America, Hispanics are more likely to support political parties that adopt trade policies that are beneficial to either sides, America and Latin America. Bilateral relations between the United States and South America are also a reality that political parties have to consider when developing long run strategies.

In fact, this should be among matters of central concern. It has to be remembered that significant potions of Latin American international trade is with the United States.

As a result, most of foreign exchange earning for the Latin American countries originate from the United States. In addition, the Hispanics in the country send money to their families and friends back home.

This integration of economies means that even American internal economic policies have impact on Latin American economies.

It has to be remembered that just like many other individuals in the country, Hispanics come to the United States in search for better economic opportunities than the ones available at home countries. It is more likely that Hispanics could have stayed in their birth countries had they had good markets for their products.

As the biggest market for Latin American products, the Hispanics would most likely prefer political party that opens the country borders for goods from home countries.

When this happens, their counterparts back home would sell more goods, and therefore get better incomes.Essay On Agents On Political Socialization.

essay on agents on political socialization Read Political Socialization free essay and over 88, other research initiativeblog.comlogy/ on-agents-on-political-socialization.

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Political socialization Paper instructions: The purpose of this discussion is to see where you stand politically and how your political leanings were initiativeblog.com://initiativeblog.com The process of political socialization starts at an early age but the most receptive age for determining our political views is the period from about age fourteen through the mid-twenties.

Family, school, peer groups, and the mass media are important influences that determine the political socialization of people in the modern initiativeblog.com://initiativeblog.com My Political Socialization. My Political Socialization In today's society politics reign supreme.

Everybody has ideas about politics and every one of those ideas was somehow shaped by the people you surround yourself with as well as the activities you take part in during the initiativeblog.com://initiativeblog.com Describe your earliest political socialization experience and explain how this experience influenced your political attitudes and opinions on issues that are important to you.

Use at least 3 references, including your textbook, other books, journals, primary source websites, etc. Create your assignment in a word-processing program, such as MS initiativeblog.com://initiativeblog.com Political Socialization Paper. Activity Instructions After reviewing the resources for this activity, analyze one candidate and one issue and determine where your political affiliations lie initiativeblog.com

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