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By Jodi Enda Much has been written about newspapers cutting Opinion papernews pages and bureaus in response to financial pressures in recent years. But a growing number of dailies also have reduced the amount of newsprint they devote to editorials and commentary, a departure from tradition that has gone largely unnoticed outside the affected communities.

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The latest and perhaps most prominent example is the Philadelphia Inquirerwhich announced in September that it was cutting in half—from two to one—the number of pages allotted to editorials and opinions on weekdays, triggering protests.

There is no formal tally of reductions in editorials and commentary, but Pew Research Center interviews with editors across the country have confirmed a gradual shift both in the amount of space given over to opinion and in the missions of editorial and op-ed pages.

Opinion paper

Some papers have tried to compensate by running more editorials and columns online and launching more opinion-driven blogs. Some have shifted away from one of the historic missions of newspapers—influencing public opinion—and instead seek to foment community conversations online.

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Starwhich has cut one opinion page per week. Inbefore most newspaper downsizing took place, the AOJ had members. Some examples of this changing landscape: The Seattle Times a few years ago dropped one of its two opinion pages on Tuesdays through Fridays to save money. It also stopped using some syndicated columnists, figuring people could read them on other Web sites, said Editorial Page Editor Kate Riley.

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Lucie News-Tribune actually added two opinion pages on Sundays, but reduced the number of editorials they produce. Earlier this year, the paper added more space for opinion.

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But, Editorial Page Editor Rosemary Goudreau said, in the past decade, the number of editorial writers has dropped from 11 to five. Many newspapers have cut editorial cartoonists and syndicated columnists in print and online.

Still, Hall acknowledged that many readers have complained about the cuts.Breaking Opinion News - get the latest from the Dallas News. Read it here first. Opinion: read the latest events, editorials, and journalists opinions on Zionism, Jewish Peoplehood, and their personal opinion about life in Israel.

A growing number of dailies have reduced the amount of newsprint they devote to editorials and commentary, a departure from tradition that has gone largely unnoticed outside the affected communities.

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