Meteor short story

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Meteor short story

A picture fell off a shelf, and its glass front smashed as it hit the floor. There was a very loud crash from outside the house. Sally Fontain went to the window and opened the curtain. She looked out into the dark. I saw a faint flash in the field beyond the garden. The object had hit the ground in the middle of the field.

It had made a hole about two metres across. They looked into the hole, but could see nothing except newly disturbed earth. On the day before we left Forta he called us all together and said: Tomorrow, the Globes will go out. Tomorrow, the science and skill of Forta will win a victory over nature.

There were other races on Forta before ours, but they could not control nature so they died as conditions changed. We have become stronger, and we have solved problem after problem.

And now we must solve the most difficult problem of all. Forta, our world, is old and nearly dead. The end is near, and we must escape while we are still healthy and strong. We must find a new home and make sure our race survives.

Each one of you holds the whole history, art, science, and skill of Forta. Use this knowledge to help others. If you do not use your knowledge and add to it, there will be no future for our race. Go and be wise, kind, and truthful. Our prayers go with you. It is a planet which is neither too young nor too old.

Meteor short story

It shines like a blue pearl because so much of it is covered with water. I am glad we are going to the blue planet; the other Globes are being sent to worlds that do not look so inviting. I am full of hope.

I no longer have any fear. I shall go into the Globe tomorrow, and the gas will put me to sleep. When I wake again, it will be in our shining new world. If I do not wake, something will have gone wrong, but I shall never know. This evening I went down to look at the Globes for the last time before we board them.

Our scientists have achieved the impossible. They are the largest things ever built. They are so heavy that they look more likely to sink into the surface of Forta than to fly off into space. It is hard to believe that we have built thirty of these metal mountains.The Valley of Fear (), short story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Real asteroids in fiction. Although the asteroids are commonly dealt with en masse, a few belt asteroids have become known well enough to be mentioned in fictional treatments.

Meteor (), film. In Meteor by John Wyndham we have the theme of hope, connection, destruction, acceptance and loss. Narrated using a dual narrative of both a third person human narrator and a first person alien (Onns) narrator the reader realises after reading the story that Wyndham may be exploring the theme of hope.

To stop the meteor, NASA wants to use the illegal nuclear weapon satellite "Hercules," but soon discovers that it doesn't have enough firepower.

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Their only chance to save the world is to join forces with the USSR, which has also launched such an illegal satellite. Sep 02,  · I read this short story many years ago and was very impressed by the original thinking behind it.

Written by John Wyndham in the ’s I think, the author of “The day of the Triffids” one of the best science fiction stories ever. The story is initially set at Mr.

Fontain's residence and the story then shifts onto the planet forta where we learn about an alien and his species.

After giving a description of forta the author again shifts the story back to earth where an investigation is taking place of a myserious object which appeared from the sky. Summary of the story on METEOR by john wyndham? SAVE CANCEL. already exists.

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Meteor by John Wyndham