Marketing and colgate

Colgate toothpaste is physically located in the oral health isle of stores. Colgate is sold over almost all the retail outlets of India viz. It is well-distributed through the supply chain of company distributors to whole sealers to retailers to final consumers.

Marketing and colgate

Rural Marketing Strategy by Colgate Rural Marketing Strategy by Colgate 8 August Marketing From a modest start inwhen hand-carts were used to distribute Colgate Dental Cream Toothpaste, Colgate-Palmolive India today has one of the widest distribution networks in India — a logistical marvel that makes Colgate available in almost 4.

The Company has grown to a Rs. The company leads the Rs.

Marketing and colgate

This report details about the strategies that Colgate adapted in order to expand its market share. Here people predominantly clean their teeth with natural items like twigs of neem tree, salt and ash.

One can conclude that a tremendous opportunity lies in the oral care market in rural India.

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The Accenture report gives several indications, including increase in procurement prices resulting in greater purchasing power of rural population allowing consumers to buy discretionary goods. These vans were placed at strategic areas on specific market days of different villages in order to access a wider audience.

Local salesmen to breach the communication barrier, showcasing of educational films on oral hygiene were additional measures undertaken by Sampark. They distribute the product to wholesaler and retailer in the assigned rural area.

The distributors are given instructions by the company regarding the frequency of visit to be made by the vans to a particular town. The loss incurred by the distributors is then reimbursed by the company. Colgate Cibaca caters to low economy segment as a competitor to brands like Babool, Anchor etc.

Consumers preferred Cibaca because of the low rates, flexibility and quality assurance. Moreover, as population and purchasing power of the individuals are increasing there is increased market for toothpaste industry.

Apart from the above mentioned strategies, Colgate also decreased their expense on advertisement. Despite low sales in the yearsthe company experience increased net profit by decreasing their expenses on advertisement. This can be shown via exhibit number 1 and 2.

The green coloured cells indicate the significant increase in the profit.Sales & Marketing Apply online for jobs at Colgate - Analytics Jobs, Customer Service Jobs, Logistics Jobs, Finance Jobs, Human Resources Jobs, Information Technology Jobs, Legal Jobs, Quality Jobs, Research & Development Jobs, Sales Jobs, Marketing Jobs and more.

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Formulated with active fluoride, this toothpaste is clinically proven to help strengthen teeth and leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

STRATEGIES ADOPTED Colgate adopted the following marketing strategies for their low end product, Cibaca Top through which they entered rural segment: 1.

‘Sampark’ – Promotion Strategy Sampark – a specialist in rural advertising, was hired by Colgate to promote their product in the Indian hinterland. MARKETING MANAGEMENT PROJECT PREPARED BY SHIRLEY SHEKHARAN K. ROLL NO. S.Y.B.M.S. INTRODUCTION From chairman’s point of view It's my pleasure to welcome you to the world of ColgatePalmolive/5(12).

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