Mario lemieux changed the face of canadian hockey

Early years[ edit ] Lemieux was born in Montrealto Pierrette, a stay-at-home mom, and Jean-Guy Lemieux, an engineer. Mario began practicing hockey at age three in his basement; before using real equipment, he and his brothers used wooden kitchen spoons as hockey sticks and bottle caps as pucks. When he was drafted at age 15, he declared that he would break league records; [13] in the —84 QMJHL seasonLemieux broke the league record for points in a season with goals, assists in 70 games. Because of this, when the Penguins called his name as the first overall draft pick, he did not shake general manager Eddie Johnston 's hand or don the Penguins jersey, as is NHL tradition.

Mario lemieux changed the face of canadian hockey

Lemieux, Mario

Well, hockey fans since the inception of the sport had to deal with just that until goaltending legend Jacques Plante came along. Plante, who we will hear about again later, was the first goaltender to skate behind the net to stop the puck. Plante was also one of the best goaltenders when it came to stickhandling the puck.

Before Plante, netminders just stood between the pipes and deflected pucks off to their defencemen or back-checking forwards. Now look at what they can do: The curved stick Most of you hockey fans out there probably think that the history of the hockey stick is lame.

As it turns out, it is a pretty neat story and one that, like the rest of the sport, has evolved over the course of its existence. When the sport of hockey was first played, hockey sticks and stick blades were pretty ordinary.

Alex Ovechkin However, I do know my hockey.

Some wer short, some long, some were illegal to use and so on and so forth. However, one invention that has really stood the test of time when it comes to the hockey stick is the curved blade.

It is believed that it was either hockey Hall of Famer Andy Bathgate or Stan Mikita that was the first to come up with the idea. In the late s, Bathgate twisted the blade of his stick to make more unpredictable slapshots. Mikita, at about the same time, hit a puck with a broken stick that was twisted, which caused the puck to move unexpectedly.

Goalies had to guess where the puck was going, and often guessed wrong. Netting above the glass The players are not the only one who take risks when going to the rink on a nightly basis. Fans do too and that was made crystal clear on March 19, While some fans may not like it because of the supposed obstruction it presents, it is something that helps protect one of the most important assets the league has and that is its fans.

The Summit Series When it comes to hockey, there are many great rivalries. However, there is one in international hockey that has stood the test of time and is still talked about by both countries today.

Of course, we are talking about Team Canada and Team Russia. The Summit Series between these two International hockey powers was a series for the ages. If you are a Canadian and old enough to have lived through the moment, you more than likely remember where you were on September 28, when Paul Henderson scored the goal at the Mario lemieux changed the face of canadian hockey.

Mario lemieux changed the face of canadian hockey

Mario Lemieux (ləmyö´), –, Canadian ice hockey player, b. Montreal. Montreal. A star for the Pittsburgh Penguins, he was the team's first pick in the National Hockey League (NHL) draft and was Rookie of the Year.

Hockey Hall of Fame Inductees Mario Lemieux, Player Category Mario Lemieux was arguably the most naturally talented player of his generation. His offensive wizardry and leadership changed the fortunes of the Pittsburgh Penguins and brought the franchise consecutive Stanley Cups in and Mario Lemieux was the ultimate scoring machine, getting 1, points ( goals, 1, assists) in games with the Pittsburgh Penguins, battling injuries and serious illness.

He missed large. Here are 10 events that changed hockey. in the Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux. forward Andy Bathgate to the face. In speaking to, the "Hockey Maven" Stan Fischler recalls the.

Mario lemieux changed the face of canadian hockey

As we count down the top 20 hockey players who changed the game, you'll notice the list is filled with the greatest players of all time. This is no coincidence.

A big part of the reason why the best became that way was because they .

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