How the depression affected literature outline

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How the depression affected literature outline


Swan of railway literature? Oswald Stevens Nock was a highly prolific author: He notes that he lived from to and worked for Westinghouse. He failed to record that Nock was educated at the quaintly-named Giggleswick [School] the source of the name for which always caused a late tea for KPJ when it was on the front of the 4.

Vanns author of books about railway signalling and on the railways of Newark-on-Trent has contributed an excellent biography but questionable bibliographical appreciation of Nock in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography which notes that Nock was born in Sutton Coldfield on 21 January and died on 21 September in Bath.

Vanns states that there were books. Prior to 21 April this page lacked any mention of Line clear ahead which is a How the depression affected literature outline autobiography and covers both his ducation and career as a signal engineer at Westinghouse.

The quotation taken from Out the line gives a clear indication of how Ossie was able to achieve such a prodigeous output. There it is clearly shown that the primary aim was to maximize income, rather than to make a lasting contribution to railway literature: He was not as some writers state a highly authorative writer except on railway signalling where he was a professional engineer and on locomotive performance.

His earlier works tend to be better written than the later ones. There is ample evidence that he read considerably less than he wrote.

How the depression affected literature outline

Out the line page 7 et seq In the early s the great slump prevailed. To try and augment my small salary I began writing articles about railways. That course eventually taught me two important things: While the second of these necessities was essential for the popular press, it was anathema to professional engineers, who regarded it as a waste of valuable space, and quite unnecessary padding.

So at first I had to learn to develop two styles, and truth to tell I had little success with either! I must have been very enthusiastic about railways then, because I find on referring to my travelling diary of the period that I went north from Euston at The only section over which the record is missing is from Crewe to Preston.

The conditions on arrival could not have been worse. It was cold, windy, and a mixture of sleet and rain was driving in through the open ends of the station all the morning.

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Steam was blowing all over the place. In desperation I took many photographs, but the majority were hopeless and, by early afternoon, wet and chilled to the bone, even I gave up a,nd caught the 2.

I sold the article, embellished by three photographs which dearly showed the climatic conditions of the day: I was doing something of a tightrope act at the time as far as my own professional work was concerned. My immediate boss at the time was a difficult man: I felt, and from the experience of a far more senior engineer than myself with some justification, that any attempt to augment my income at that stage would have brought a veto, if nothing worse.

The modesty of my success in those early days may be judged from the number of articles other than in the Railway Magazine that I had published.

From the beginning of up to Easter there were just sixteen, and of those four were in our local paper at Watford. There was another side to my early efforts in journalism. With the enthusiasm generated by that correspondence course I worked hard to try and develop something other than articles with a railway slant, and my love of the country and keenness on purely pictorial landscape photography came to my aid.

How the depression affected literature outline

I found an occasional market in the Motor, although while I was a driver I could not afford a car! In accepting my small articles I do not think the editor ever discovered this.

But by that time the more technical side of my authorship was beginning, and such time as I could spare for writing became devoted more and more to railways. With a few short mini-features I was lucky enough to catch the eye of Wilson Midgley, features editor of the Star.

I was certainly going in at the deep end.

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Drivers of those days started as cleaners, and had their first rides round the shed yard. Engineering pupils started their footplate experience on light duties; but here was I going to ride the engine of the Royal Scot express, on Special Limit timings, with the train up to maximum load.Course Catalog.

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Rather, his is an extremely wide-ranging account of the Depression Decade, supplementing the usual reports on economics and politics with the stuff of everyday life—education, literature, the arts, religion, urban development, reform movements, fashions, entertainment, and fads.

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