Essays for harsher punishment for animal abuse

Linkedin What is the link between animal cruelty and violence against people? Many peer-reviewed studies have confirmed what most of us understand instinctively — there is a strong link between violence against animals and violence against people.

Essays for harsher punishment for animal abuse

Is this really going to ruined there life and their families life too. Harsh punishment is the best way to stop crime.

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It should be applied for everyone. Negative punishment does not necessarily, I repeat, necessarily reduce bad behavior. What it does it increase the costs associated with getting caught committing bad behavior. This is exactly why parents who threaten their teenagers with harsh punishments may still find them slipping back into the same activities they warned them against.

If I'm 16 and all of my friends want to do something really fun, but my parents threaten that ground me for a year or take my care away, I'm definitely going to be afraid of getting caught but that doesn't mean I'm not going to go out with my friends.

It is true that I may be less inclined to go out, but if my friends are that fun or I will be socially ostracized for not going out with them obviously this is irrational as an adult, but think like a teenager for a momentI may just be more inclined to be more discrete in committing my bad behavior.

Studies have noted certain correlations between harsher punishments and reduced crimes, however it is not only flawed but damaging to conclude that such correlation implies causation. This logic of tough punishment meaning less crime a major reason for America's astounding prison rates as well as the high recidivism of inmates.

Lowering crime in a way that is thoroughly beneficial to society isn't just about reducing it but preventing it as well. This means dealing with the structural issues that incline certain demographics to commit more crimes, and rehabilitating them so that when they commit these injustices they learn how to be better people and get re-acclimated to society.

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Harsh punishments are a quick fix to a major problem and they may allow some people their piece of mind, but at the cost of the lives of the ones who are thrown away to rot and the communities that endure the harmful effects of what causes the crime in the first place.

I am not advocating that certain criminals do not deserve harsh punishment, rather that in reality harsh punishment is not an effective deterrent to crime.

Essays for harsher punishment for animal abuse

Utilitarian theory and retributive justice we're the foundations for such logic, but they are primarily theoretical positions. We need to look at what's really happening. If you have any follow up questions, please feel free to reach out to me. You know why Inida is ahead in crime and low in GDP due to lack of strict laws and harsher punishments.

Punishments like making him work in coal mines, garbage recycle plants, cleaning public toilets, not allowing him to meet his familly members, RE: Eliminating crime is must and harsh punishments are one of the effective ways to reduce crime.

It stands especially true for the people who commit crime just for fun. The concept of punishment is based on two important theories. The theory in which goal of punishments is to deter the future crimes is known as utilitarian theory. Deterrence is the objective of harsh punishments as it creates an aversion for the possible results of criminal actions.

It is justified only when the harm that punishment prevents is more than punishment given to criminal. However, utilitarian theory believes that punishment may or may not have deterrent effect. Retributive theory focuses on the past actions of criminal. In it, punishment is must and justified as criminals have committed an immoral act and deserves harsh punishment.

It basically follows the concept of an eye for an eye and a life for a life. The emphasis is on the moral connection between guilt and punishment.Animal cruelty is getting more and more prevalent today. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of it. Dog fighting, a common practice in some places is, for example is considered to be a felony in most countries.

In regard to punishment, there is an ongoing debate on whether the punishment for those committing sexual assault crimes should be made harsher or not.

However, majority of the people are of the opinion that harsher or tougher laws will reduce the occurrence of these crimes (CQ Press, ). The "desert" theory of punishment argues that the retribution taken by society against an offender should be proportional to the harm he has caused the victim.

For example, a person who kills is more culpable than a person who robs or hurts. appropriate punishment for cyberbullies With an intentional jump off of the Washington Bridge, the life of Tyler Clementi came to a tragic end. Tyler was an year-old violinist and first year student at Rutgers University who found himself victim to the harsh attacks of a cyberbully.

Animal abuse is defined as, “The human infliction of suffering or harm upon any non-human animal, for purposes other than self-defense or survival” ( Animals used for experimentation is abuse. The Law: Cruelty to Animals Thirty days is the maximum penalty for cruelty to animals in Illinois.

Here, as in every other state, pets are considered property.

petition: Harsher Punishments for Animal Abusers