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Researchers in many sub-fields of ecology and evolutionary biology test hypotheses relating to metapopulation dynamics and landscape spatial structure. Key aspects of these hypotheses are sometimes a large numbers of subpopulations and dispersal corridors and b their positions relative to each other. Comparing such spatial hypotheses using traditional lab equipment and methods is impractical, unwieldy, expensive, or impossible. This device resembles a well microtiter plate; the 96 wells represent habitat patches and they are connected by dispersal corridors that can be modified in their spatial position to create various artificial landscapes, with hundreds of non-intersecting dispersal corridors of varying lengths.

Escholarship bc edu dissertations

Records Management Social Studies of Information Another variation is to speak of library and information studies, in order to emphasize that the field is not necessarily scientific in its strictest sense.

A new tendency in the twenty-first century is to drop the word library and to use only the terms information school, i-school or iSchool. This is not, however, solely a new name for LIS, but represents a new interdisciplinary merging of various fields including LIS [6].

Whether such a merging is considered fruitful or not depends among other things on the theoretical perspective cf. For those who primarily consider LIS to be related to computer science, it seems to be clearly a productive solution; however, for those who consider LIS to be more related to the knowledge fields such as philosophy, social epistemology SE and sociology of science it may perhaps seem less successful.

For more details on iSchools, see Lopatovska and Ransom and Section 4. In practice, the term LIS is sometimes used for an area that is not science or research, a scholarship or an academic discipline ; by implication, the term library and information science research may be used to make the research focus explicit [7] e.

Escholarship bc edu dissertations

Some studies of the field distinguish between professional publications and research articles, such as that of Tuomaala et al. In the following subsections, only research articles are analyzed. Even if studies are limited to research articles, it has been questioned whether the literature qualifies as research.

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The status of LIS as a science has been discussed for many years. Librarian and researcher Carl S. Library technique is a common term for the methods used for organizing, cataloging, use, and administration etc. Despite various trends towards merging the two fields, some consider library science and information science to be separate fields or disciplines, for example Miksa and Saracevic Huang and Changwrote: This implies that some researchers regard IS as an independent discipline.

Library and information science (LIS)

In general, however, the tendency today is to use the terms information science and library and information science as synonyms [9]. However, in order to speak of library science as an organized activity, we must go further forward in history.

The term Bibliothek-Wissenschaft was used for the first time in the title of a German textbook Schrettingerthe first issue of which was published in Martin Schrettinger —Friedrich Adolf Ebert — and Karl Dziatzko — were the founders of library science in Germany.

The first journal in the field was Serapeum: Weigel in the period — Although this particular school ran into difficulties, possibly because women were thereby allowed access to academia, Dewey was able to transfer the school to the New York State Library in Albany in ; since then, many library schools have been founded in the United States and Canada and around the world.

For both the European and the American schools, it has been discussed whether the term science is misplaced. Miksafound, however: Early library education, including Melvil Dewey's School of Library Economy at Columbia College, has traditionally been thought to have emphasized vocational-technical skills rather than substantive intellectual issues.

New evidence for the first two lecture sessions of Dewey's school raises questions about that view. The schedule of the school, its faculty including regular Columbia College professorsand the way the school's topical content of library economy and bibliography was approached strongly suggest an educational venture with unexpected intellectual substance.The following guide contains tips on writing a research paper in Education.

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