Contribution to the society essay

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Contribution to the society essay

We will write a custom essay sample on B. What does it mean to be a major influential contributor to the science of psychology?

This man shows us with his groundbreaking theories, inventions and experiments as well as his over books and articles on the field of psychology.

He is Burrhus Frederic Skinner and he is one of the reasons psychology is the profound and crucial science that it is today. New World Encyclopedia contributors, B. Skinner was born in in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania.

His early life consisted of his efforts to become a fictional writer. He attended Hamilton College where he received a B. Afterward he spent some time living with his parents attempting to write fictional books.

Cherry, It was during this time that he began to wonder about how an author was supposed to understand the behaviors of the characters he portrayed without knowing what psychological processes and thoughts lie beneath.

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His research led him to discover the work of John Broadus Watson who proposed behaviorism for the first time. In he began his teaching career at Michigan University and was married in the same year. Browse Biography, Throughout the rest of his life Skinner made breakthrough after breakthrough in the field of psychology and behaviorism.

In he became the Psychology Department Chair at the University of Indiana and in joined the psychology department at Harvard where he remained for the rest of his life.

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Cherry, Throughout his impressive career he received many more outstanding honors and awards such as the National Medal of Science, the Joseph P. Foundation Award and the Albert Einstein School of Medicine award for excellence in psychiatry as well as many more books and a few inventions.

He eventually passed away in after contributing countless knowledge to the science of psychology. Skinner is perhaps best recognized for his study and contribution to a particular type of psychology called behaviorism.

Behaviorism was first proposed by John Watson who believed that studying the private experience a person has in their mind was too hard of a thing to observe and speculate. He believed psychology had to be studied more as something an organism does that is physically observable by anyone watching.

Watson, as well as Skinner, was influenced greatly by the experiments done by Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov. Pavlov observed that the dogs he had were becoming accustomed to salivating at the sound of a bell he rang each time he fed them.

The studies done by Pavlov as well as the work of Watson built the foundation upon which Skinner based the rest of his career in the field of psychology. Skinner observed that in the wild, animals have learned ways to find shelter, food and mates all because they have been conditioned by stimuli to do so.

In this chamber he placed a rat and fixed a lever so that when the rat pressed on the lever it received a pellet of food.

Contribution to the society essay

He found that after a short time in the chamber, the rat learned that he was given food each time he pressed the lever so he began pressing it over and over until he was no longer hungry. This experiment furthered his approach towards behaviorism and also added to what Watson had proposed.

Reinforcement basically stated that when an organism does something that causes it to benefit in some way, it is likely to repeat the action in order to receive the benefit again.

This allows organisms to adapt to their environments and the conditions they live in, in order to survive. Another quite interesting invention that he proposed was a pigeon guided missile. During world war two, before the U.Marx's, Draft Introduction to A Contribution to the Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right, which was never completed.

I have a few ides about some contributions, that might be able to help improve our future society. I think there are a few contributions that every person should be involved with. The number one contributions would have to be, being a good citizen.

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Contribution to the society essay

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