Chechen refugee camps and education

However, these displaced people of Chechnya are now beginning their second year in the camps.

Chechen refugee camps and education

The article has covered the problems of Chechen refugees in Turkey. However, they continue their lives under difficult conditions in Turkey. For this reason, they fight with problems of education, health and working rights, as well as housing difficulties.

Right now, there are three non-official Chechen refugee camps in Istanbul, Turkey. They are located in the Beykoz, Fenerbahce and Umraniye districts of the city. Around Chechen refugees live in these camps. Many of the Chechen children in the camps were born in Turkey. However, they do not have any identification papers.

The world of these children is limited by the walls of these camps.

Chechen refugee camps and education

A group of older men with their fur hats welcomes us in front of the Sultan Aziz Mosque, which is near the camp. They invite us inside the camp to explain the problems that have continued for the last 10 years. It is an apartment building. While we were climbing the stairs, children run around the ramshackle stairs.

While we are taking photos, the adult residents of the building hide behind the doors, but the children are not shy to our camera, but they do have puzzled looks in their eyes.

Akhmad Mizaev, head of the camp, says that earlier the situation in the camp was terrible. But now, the Beykoz Municipality started construction inside of the camp. They do not know when it will be finished, but they are happy about it.

When it is finished, at least they will have decent flats after all these years. One resident of the camp is really an uncommon person. His name is Abubakar Magomadov. He has been a member of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria Parliament since Also, he was commander of a military group which fought against Russia in the beginning of the Second Russian-Chechen war in For this reason, he is one of the Chechen people who have been blacklisted by Russia.

Today he is 61 year old. He complains that he cannot find a job and cannot t earn money to live. In those days, they shared their office, but today he is also clueless about the problems of Chechen refugees in Turkey.

Magomadov speaks about their problems: As I know, all the states in the world have similar laws. In five years you can obtain citizenship or refugee status; or they extradite you. The Turkish government does not let us to leave for Europe, but at the same time they do not provide us with humane living conditions.

We asked Abubakar Magomadov whether he thinks about going back to Chechnya. The answer that we receive is shocking: A puppet government ruling the country. Everyday 5 or 10 people are missing. There is an active search warrant for me because of my political and military situation.

Thus, if I go back Chechnya, they will grab me. The living conditions are worse than Beykoz.ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS My first thanks go to my informants, Chechen asylum seekers in the refugee camp Zastávka u Brna who participated in the .

The result is that education packages for refugee camps, like food reserves, are borrowed from a stockpile in the host country or elsewhere, and little attention is paid to broader questions to do with the kind of future children will have.

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