Case study of puan hajjah faiza

This is because entrepreneurs are the backbone and driving force of the economy of a country. This chapter will discuss the basic things related to the entrepreneur, the myths that are often associated with entrepreneurs and the characteristics associated with successful entrepreneurs.

Case study of puan hajjah faiza

The end of the research into the mysterious past of Datoh Kulup Lembang bin Mohamed Kassim?

The issues raised were the result of the feedback obtained from residents at the 1st Meeting of the Committee held on 10th December, Since the occurrence of the Landslide on the 6th Decemberhave there been any steps taken to ascertain the cause or causes of the Landslides i.

Response from MPAJ The Authorities require 10 days for the geotechnical studies to be completed before any announcement or proposed action could be taken to address the condition of the various locations affected by the landslide.

However, MPAJ will bring up the matter with the relevant authority. The residents are now getting information from the printed media, TV or radio and some of the information seem to be conflicting or inaccurate.

The concern of the residents is that, no information has been disseminated and this causes a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. The residents requested that they be privy to the progress of the geotechnical studies.

Residents realise that 10 days is far too long. Immediate measure should be looked into. What measures have the Authorities taken to safeguard the Area and the Safety of the occupants? Response of MPAJ The Police has given the assurance that the properties and belongings of the affected residents would be protected.

Constant checks show that certain times there was no police at all. As a result, our properties are exposed to strangers which will also lead to looting and vandalising.

Even with the presence of the police, strangers are allowed to sight-seeing the place. This has caused tremendous traffic jam, unnecessary chaos and worst of all, the weight of unnecessary vehicles moving in and out can further jeopardise the situation. Response of MPAJ The affected residents have to wait for the geotechnical studies to be completed before the Authorities can make any announcement or decision on the matter.

The Police would be notified. It was reported in the newspapers that the Prime Minister had said that the Government is considering compensation for the victims of the landslide The residents also raised the matter that compensation should be considered before residents are directed to evacuate.

As on 9th Decemberit was announced in TV3 only 8pm news that the government is not paying compensation to victims of landslide. What steps have been taken to address the drainage situation at Wangsa 9, which has been neglected for years?

Response of MPAJ The concerns and request of the residents would be addressed following the geotechnical studies. In the event of any losses, will the relevant authorities be responsible for them?

What steps have been taken to render the trees is safe to the residents of Wangsa 9 and Bukit Antarabangsa? What are the immediate shot term and long term plans?

This should not be restricted to Wangsa9 but the entire Bukit Antarabangsa Area?

Case study of puan hajjah faiza

Response of MPAJ These issues can only be addressed after the geotechnical studies are completed and deliberated by the Authorities. The Committee requested that MPAJ designate one of its personnel to be the liaison officer for the Committee to liaise and communicate with.

The Committee has nominated Mdm. The Committee also requested that MPAJ organise a meeting for the Committee to meet with the Heads of the various government agencies and departments involved with the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide.

In what ways and how? MPAJ will take up the request of the Committee. December 13, in Uncategorized Tags: We feel that independent sources are required to advise us on our situations. Below is an appeal letter sent by hand to MPAJ.

December 12, in Uncategorized Tags: Residents affected by the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide can file a negligence suit against the local authority. He said although the Federal Court decision on the Highland Towers set a precedent when the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council MPAJ was cleared of any wrongdoing, the decision only applied in relation to earthworks and planning approvals.

Case study of puan hajjah faiza

He said residents could seek compensation for loss of use of home, death, rebuilding of homes, dependency claims, relocation expenses and loss of personal properties.

However, Fernandez cautioned that the residents should find out the causes of the tragedy before embarking on a legal suit.

He said it was against public interest to insulate local authorities from any suit if they failed in their statutory duties. Among others, they claimed that the local council had failed to respond to their complaints of soil activities in the area a few days prior to the tragedy.

On another note, Norhayati said the MPAJ was now preparing to begin the cleaning up and restoring amenities once the search and rescue operation was called off.

Meeting with the 27 houses directly effected in Bukit Mewah at pm on the 2nd of March at Wangsa Ukay Restaurant.PEMILIKAN Syarikat perseorangan ini dimiliki sepenuhnya oleh Puan Hajjah Faiza Bawumi Sayed Ahmad, Study on the go.

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Download the iOS app. Download the Android app. Other Related Materials. 24 pages. The ability to access any university’s resources through Course Hero proved invaluable in my case. I was behind on Tulane coursework. The case study required students to apply what they had learned in the earlier part of the talk, and to translate theory and experience into practice.

They had to generate solutions to the issue at hand, which was how to render the relocation of Braun headquarters a successful process and endeavour. Islamic Ethical Business Practices among Muslimentrepreneurs: A Case Study in Syarikat FAIZA Sdn Hajjah Faiza, position as CEO of the company SFSB, much help in carrying out marketing and enhance its product sales revenue to many places.

Successful Entrepreneur With Different Traits: Task 1 We publicly state that we have factors when it comes to scanning, indexing and ranking. Generally, the number of algorithms is a casual number.
Product details The event, which was attended by Dr.
Who can edit: These include challenges in aspects of sustaining the supply of raw materials, bridging the gap of traditional textiles with modernity, their applications in society, commercialisation of these textiles, as well as safeguarding the traditional designs and intellectual property rights. From the environmental aspect, she noted that traditional textiles can be sustained through plantation and rearing of raw materials as well as using the abundance of natural resources, such as turmeric and indigo for dyes.

International Case Studies of Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning (PPT) 8 Prof. Madya Datin Dr. Hajjah Sapora Sipon Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) 28 Puan Nur Fakhriyyah El-emin Muhardi Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia (KPM) 29 Puan Siti Zuridah Mohd Rais Mercy Malaysia. Terengganu and Kuching.3 Case Studies Case studies based on participant observation.

the researcher is also the reflective practitioner while she explores songket weaving in Kuala Terengganu and Kuching.

fieldnotes will be taken and documented in the form of descriptive. In Hajjah Halimatussaadiah v PSC [] 1 MLJ the court subjected a public servant‟s claim of a religious right to wear purdah at the workplace to the need to maintain "discipline in the service".

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