Advantages and disadvantages in hospitality

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Advantages and disadvantages in hospitality

As for me the Hotel industry means a lot. I have another experience in different field so I guess I deserve to compare. The hotel industry is a field which has relation to tourism as interior tourism also to exterior tourism. It means opportunity to travel even to smallest positioned employee.

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Opportunity to not be involved in a political or economical crisis due to the opportunity to move to other country and invite your family with you. Oppotrunity to feel the difference between tourists.

Advantages and disadvantages in hospitality

Also it means to be wiser. Opportunity to get new connections from all over the world and to show you to this world. Opportunity to get a salary in international currency.

To forget about political and religious debating and live for your future Its not allowed to talk about this to hotel guest.

Advantages and disadvantages in hospitality

Even if you are general manager you are service staff who serves a tourists in a best interest of a hotel no matter their rasa, religion, look, behaviour and you have to really love people and love to hear them to deal with them.

Thats why I think its my way.

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I love to hear other people and love to help them. You have to forget about your celebrations because in the time of biggest holidays you will work. You have to forget about stability because to grow up in your field you have to move or stand in one place. There is no opportunity to cry. You should smile in a face of people.

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Education and Training. In the past, a hotel manager commonly was promoted from within the organization itself. These days, a strong applicant for the position may need formal education in addition to the hands-on job experience.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of hospitality