A personal recount of a bad week

Example of Recount Text By learningself Categories: Info — Telling personal experiences is very interesting.

A personal recount of a bad week

Friday, February 19, Recount Writing: Going to the Swimming Pool In Room 8, we have been learning to write recounts that have an orientation, a sequence of events and then finish with a personal comment.

We visited the pool on Wednesday this week and since then have been working hard on a recount of our time in the school pool. Here is Isobel's fantastic recount for you to enjoy. To check out the rest, you'll have to visit Room 8!

This morning Room 8 went to the pool to practice for swimming sports. First we walked to the swimming pool. I felt happy because I like swimming.

A personal recount of a bad week

We got changed in the changing rooms. Next we lined up in three lines at the deep end of the pool. I was excited because I had not done this for a long time.

Soon it was my turn to get in and swim. I did well but the second time I got in and scratched my arm. It stung in the water but I was ok. I used a flutter board to swim the whole pool.

Soon after we got out of the pool, got dressed and walked back to class. I felt happy because I like our school pool.Even the best of cooks can end up missing an ingredient on Thanksgiving morning.

If you find yourself short on nutmeg or minus a few potatoes, there is a good chance a grocery store near you will.

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Feb 08,  · Example of short recount text: My terrible week this is a short recount text MY TERRIBLE WEEK I was hospitalized for a week because of malaria last month. At first, I .

A personal recount of a bad week

Bad policy decisions have brought catastrophe, over and over. Voices 1 day, 3 hours ago Opinion Florida recount chaos, again?: Our view Democrats won election week Video.

Most Popular. A personal recount is always a good choice of topic because it is very easy to see what the examiner wants, and you can write from real, personal experience.

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