1960 s research paper

Works by Papert People laughed at Seymour Papert in the s, more than half a century ago, when he vividly talked about children using computers as instruments for learning and for enhancing creativity, innovation, and "concretizing" computational thinking. The idea of an inexpensive personal computer, one for every child, like a notebook and a pencil, was then science fiction. This research led to many firsts.

1960 s research paper

Just to say this site is brilliant, I will be getting in touch with old comrades to try and get what info I can. I was there When I entered psychiatric nursing in I was a shy awkward seventeen year old who knew very little about anything.

I had answered a local advertisement recruiting girls to become student nurses in at High Royds Hospital and, for no better reason than I wanted to leave home.

The thought of general nursing seemed somehow too responsible and threatening to me. As I walked up the hospital drive I was both awed and entranced by the sight before me—the huge Administration block from which turretted ward blocks jutted on either side, set amid extensive groundscovered in pristine, sparkling snow—it looked like a fairytale palace—a vastly misleading impression as I was soon to discover!

On the bed was my uniform, two mauve cotton dresses with an array of starched accessories which I had great difficulty sorting out. Button,belts,collar,cuffs, aprons and a cap had all to be assembledthough one of my neighbours kindly came to my rescue and helped me sort the baffling ensemble out, as well as showing me a few more of the ropes and escorting me to the canteen.

I was due to join the February Intake of Preliminary Training School which was to commence two weeks hence, but in the meantime, in order to gain some practical experience, I was 1960 s research paper to Ward The following morning I nervously presented myself in the appropriate department, after letting myself in with the enormous key!

However, there I was, ready for action on 1960 s research paper first ward—and what a shock it proved to be! She whizzed round the ward with her keys tucked into her belt, jangling and smoking and dropping ash over everything and everyone, her unfortunate charges most of all!

The only consolation was that she did not seem to notice my deshabille appearance! Annie showed me what to do. The bed patients on my side of the ward who still had use of their legs were pulled out of bed by Annie and deposited on a commode.

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She then stripped the hapless woman stark naked and told me to wash her while she made the bed. When the patient had been washed and redressed in a dry wincyette nightie with a split up the back, for obvious purposes, she was put back into bed and we moved onto the next victim.

Some of the women, Annie told me, had been in bed for many years. She also showed me the difference between a shroud and a nightie and explained that we kept the former on the back trolley to save time going back to the linen cupboard should a patient die en route.

We wore no gloves in those days, except for giving suppositories, for which small mercy, I suppose, I should think myself lucky! All completely unsterile of course, and stuck on with some superglue type pink tape, which ripped the skin when removed.

If the patient had been incontinent of faeces we used some dreadful stuff called tow to clean her up. This was a clump of scratchy brown fibre — God knows what it was made from — and can have done little to prevent further breakdown of the skin of these poor women. If Sister A was doing the dressing, she usually dropped cigarette ash in and on everything and everyone as well, while at the same time more worker patients arrived on the ward to clean, stirring up more dust and dirt into the fetid atmosphere as they swung their long polishing poles back and forth across the floor, adding even more harmful ingredients into the lethal pool of cross infection.

But at that time, although I was initially culture shocked by what I saw, I soon came to regard it as normal.

Families with % coverage spent an average of 16% more on healthcare than families with 75% coverage, 22% more than families with 50% coverage, and 58% more than families with 5% coverage. - The 's The ’s was a decade that forever changed the culture and society of America. The ’s were widely known as the decade of peace and love when in reality, minorities were struggling to gain freedom from segregation. Graduates From Laurelton In "The 60's" Aaronson, Ron - [email protected] - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of Currently residing in Armonk, NY. Abramowitz, Helene - (Kuskin) - [email protected] - Andrew Jackson H.S. - Class of I lived in Laurelton from until when I married Larry Kuskin, a graduate of AJHS in

The same soul destroying inertia which gripped the patients, who had long ago given up hope of anything better, began to grip me also. I was soon almost as institutionalized as the hospital inmates, arriving every day to go through a dreary round of drudgery under the Dickensian rule of the elderly ward sister and her faithful assistant.

They invariably worked together and palmed me off with Annie, from whom I learned my primitive nursing skills. I was meanwhile consigned to the sluice room to clean commodes and bag up the steaming piles of laundry with Annie. Annie Malloy, dratted woman, where are you, go fetch me the whatchermecallit from the wheresist, you imbecile!

Annie would scuttle out of the dark corner in which she had been lurking with a dog eared roll up ,to be given some unpleasant task to undertake while I was graciously sent off to the kitchen for ten minutes, where the humble kitchen slave, Elsie, tended to my needs.

Then came preparation for dinner a round It was a regular zoo! I was a failure. More quick witted and confident student nurses must have been able to bluff their way through, I could only conclude, perplexed. Ward 24 routine was rigid and quite inflexible. On Mondays we gave enemas to all twenty bed patients, whether they needed them or not — and in those days enemas were enemas, two pints of hot soapy water down a long, rubber tube, a ghastly business—on Tuesdays we cut nails, a dangerous and disgusting job, on Wednesdays we washed and sterilised the stainless steel instruments and galleypots, which were never used, and Thursdays and Fridays were bath days.

Bath days were like Paddington Station.

1960 s research paper

Those women who were mobile were herded into the huge double bathrooms and lined up in rows, stark naked. They were then dressed from communal piles of clothing—a knicker mountain of pink wincyette bloomers, oddly matched lisle stockings which were fastened above the knee by twisting into knots, and miscellaneous dresses, buttonless cardigans, faded overalls and ill fitting shoes.

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One week we worked seven a. We had one day off a week which moved on automatically, and gave one weekend in seven off. It was like a local cottage industry.The ’s is a decade that had a profound impact on all human kind for generations to come.

It gave rise to some of the most astounding and memorable events.

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The s not only had the historical significance by assuring equality amongst individuals, it as well changed how we perceive some of life's events, which would be unheard of in the. How to Write a Research Paper on Long Hot Summers of the 's.

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SAMPLE FOR STUDENTS 3 Sample APA Paper for Students Interested in Learning APA Style Before getting started you will notice some things about this paper. People laughed at Seymour Papert in the s, more than half a century ago, when he vividly talked about children using computers as instruments for learning and for enhancing creativity, innovation, and "concretizing" computational thinking.

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